Hubmode : WHO ARE WE ?

A social and cooperative enterprise

 HubMode opened doors in June 2015.
HUBMODE was developed as a project over 18 months in the Innotex/Ceti incubator program, which specializes in textile and innovation projects. We conducted a crowd funding campaign through and opened doors in June 2015. Anyone can become a shareholder  member of HubMode, owning one social share worth 100 euros. We are a team of 35 professional owners, while working with a strong network of partners who are also business owners and instructors. HUBMODE’s legal formation is “Enterprise Sociale et Solidaire” =”Social Business” under the formation of “Societe Cooperative d’Interet Collectif (SCIC)” in France. An SCIC company re-invests 57.5% of it’s profits back into the enterprise, and HUBMODE looks to invest 30% of these profits to produce free programming to those in need. You can become a social member of our organization SCIC HUBZ by purchasing one or more share at 100euros a share. To become a social member, and support our investments in new Moocs, contact HUBMODE is headquartered in Roubaix, France, a Cluster of advanced textiles in the heart of Northern France. In this newly developed region, other unique enterprises are creating an enterprise district with expertise in fashion, textile innovation, design and image making, web development and e-learning to name a few. HUBMODE looks to expand operations for professional training, co-working and manufacturing in the future, in Paris or other locations where clusters of fashion, textile and artisan development is happening.

Annick Jehanne, Director of many large groups in fashion during the past 20 years, is a consultant in the business realm of fashion and an instructor at top fashion and luxury schools for 7 years. She specializes in new business models, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors. Annick regularly trains professionals in France and globally. She is the founder of the leadership network Fashion Business Forum, consisting of 1000 members on LinkedIn and gives regular conferences and presentations on new business models in fashion. Passionate about the business operations and functions of the fashion industry, Annick encourages innovation, best practices in responsible fashion, and supports others to reach their passion by working around the clock. Follow her personal thoughts on fashion and the industry on her Scoop it !
Annick Jehanne : 06 12 33 04 53

Alain Bogé, longtime Director in the area of fashion accessories, is a professor, working for 10 years as Director of Business and Fashion programs at the Ecoles de Commerce et des Universites. Alain holds the international post as Vice President of Business Fashion Forum, the association of fashion innovators. He is passionate about geopolitics, and maintains a current awareness of what is happening around the world and why,teaching in India and China frequently.
Alain Bogé : 06 11 32 87 73


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Would you like to contribute to the development of HUBMODE? Join us, and become a social member, participate in the governance of our enterprise