The courses are customized for each business, school, or organization. The digital training makes is easy for you to enjoy the lessons individually,or as a group by using the computer, tablet or smartphone. Working individually does not mean working alone. With HubMode you can connect via chat with others taking the same course, and with your expert instructor during the time you are taking each course. All courses are divided into two modules: instruction and evaluation.
    • Instruction:
All instruction is offered via video lessons, articles or business cases materials. Each course will be roughly 3 to 6 hours long depending on the subject and instructor methodology.
    • Evaluation:
Evaluation questions allow you to test your understanding of the material. Each module allows you to progress to the next section after comprehension has been verified. The courses and modules are created by industry experts and working professionals who are chosen by HubMode for your project. The courses are housed on HubMode’s 360 Learning Platform, custom designed by a leader in distance interactive learning for the new generation of training. The 360 Learning system for HubMode was developed in France,and offers a secure environment. . The creators  offer continuous maintenance and improvement with feedback from their over 500 customers.Cost:                   Cost:
  • One digital Course including interactive Feed back and Certificate costs inbetween 80 and 300E,


For hands-on or in-person learning guided by an expert instructor you can study business cases, have engaging dialogue and address questions unique to your operation. Learn together and create an in-person network with HUBMODE. We will create an in-person studio course at your enterprise, in schools or your office for groups of 8 persons or more. Cost: 300 euro HT per person. Studio Course Ideas: “How to create a responsible fashion business” with Arielle Levy, co-founder of the brand L’Herbe Rouge and Annick Jehanne Founder of HUBMODE. “Fashion and 3D” with Gregory Sant, Founder of All Trends. “Fashion Innovation”with a pool of fashion start-ups. “How to use French lace from Calais” with Sarah Sumflet, a fashion stylist specializing in lace. For more information consult our social networks PROGRAM BOOKLET ONLINE  


Chosen for their practical and professional experience in the fashion and textile industry, many HubMode instructors have worked both professionally and as professors around the world. They come together on the HubMode platform to offer expert training to our clients. If you are qualified and interested to teach, contact us. BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR


HUBMODE seeks to open the platform to schools interested in offering access to our specialized courses in disciplines such as fashion,innovation, marketing, commerce, technical and entrepreneurial development. Our practical training has been adapted to the needs of businesses and their future employees. Students receive coursework adapted to meet the future of the fashion and textile industry. HubMode ensures the instruction using our e-learning platform, interactive lessons, video lectures and evaluations will meet the pedagogical needs of the school. The school may also be interested in offering its courses via the HubMode platform to your students around the world. In addition, HubMode can produce and offer private, custom-made solutions for schools or training groups in fashion and textiles. BECOME A TRAINING PARTNER
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